Andrea Trevisan – SAT CEO
Gabriele Macedonio – Kautec Solutions CEO


Join us at the ALUMINIUM TECH TALK on November 9, 2023, at Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyali.

Explore sustainable aluminum extrusion and surface treatment solutions, from extrusion techniques to powder coating. Learn from industry leaders like Kautec Solutions, SAT, Phoenix / Adex, and Henkel, driving eco-friendly production with enhanced productivity and quality.

Discover the evolution of these companies and their commitment to innovation in Turkey’s growing aluminum extrusion market. Engage in meaningful discussions with sector luminaries, benchmark progress, and share avant-garde ideas. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity for growth and knowledge sharing.


The Aluminium Tech Talk programme provides technical sessions that examine sustainable aluminium extrusion and surface treatment solutions.




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CEO Welcome

Presented by Kautec
Presented by SAT

Mini Session 1

Presented by Celalettin Kırboz, GALSIAD

Session 1

“Sustainable extrusion: smart technologies and efficiency in the process” by Gabriele Macedonio
Presented by Kautec

Question time

Coffee Break

Session 2

Superior quality and efficiency with vertical coating and dense phase powder transfer by Andrea Trevisan and Christian Gföhler
Presented by SAT and Gema

Question time

Session 3

"Extrusion die technologies" by Louis Coopmans
Presented by Phoenix International/Adex

Question time


Mini Session 2

Presented by Erman Car, METEM

Session 4

“High-quality aluminium profiles: advanced cooling technologies for hard alloys” by Pau Vial
Presented by Kautec

Question time

Session 5

“Sustainable and Cost Efficient Aluminium metal Pretreatment” by Raúl Hernández
Presented by Henkel

Question time

Coffee Break

Session 6

Anodizing: Automation for higher quality and production output optimization by Alessandro Corrà
Presented by SAT

Question time

Session 7

“Complex extrusion dies” by Rogé Steeghs
Presented by Phoenix International/Adex

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Gala Dinner

event speakers

The Aluminum Tech Talk Seminar boasts an array of distinguished speakers representing the entire spectrum of the industry. A brief overview of the lineup is provided below. Esteemed speakers at the technical conference will engage in comprehensive discussions encompassing cutting-edge solutions in the context of the global evolution of the extruded profile sector. Topics will span energy-efficient methodologies, environmental considerations, sustainable production practices, breakthrough technologies, and optimal health and safety protocols.

Gabriele Macedonio

Kautec Solutions CEO

Andrea Trevisan


Christian Gföhler​

Gema Switzerland GmbH​

Alessandro Corrà


Louis Coopmans


Rogé Steeghs


Raúl Hernández

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Pau Vial

Kautec Solutions

invitee speakers

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Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyali

Aydınevler, İnönü Cd. No:22, 34854 Maltepe/İstanbul

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